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We are seeking nominations for the IATC 25 year Coaching Award. If you have someone in mind please follow these steps:

Requirements for the IATC 25 year coaching award include:

  • Must have coached for 25 years in the sport(s) of track and field and/or cross country.
  • Must have coached in Iowa for the 25 years.
  • While counting years, count schools’ calendar years not seasons (i.e. coaching track and cross country this year does not count as “2 years”).
  • Can coach either high school, middle school/junior high, or any combination as head and/or assistant coach as long as above requirements are followed.

If such requirements are satisfied please submit your nomination to with the following information:

  • Name of Coach/nominee:
  • Name of School:
  • Coach/nominee’s contact information(phone number or email address):