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Washburn Classic Registration
All registration will take place at a single link for 2019.

Follow these simplified instructions for entering your athletes into the Middle School State-wide cross country meet.

Registration can be done either by a coach bringing his/her team, a parent bringing the local team, or a parent bringing an individual athlete. ALL are welcome!

If paying via school check, please scroll past steps 1-6.  If a late entry, please scroll to the bottom of the page.

Step 1. Visit the following site: 2019 Registration link

Step 2. Select the correct school classification (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A) and click the “Get Me Registered” button at the bottom of the page.

Classification look-up is available here:

Step 3. Enter your athletes’ name(s), grade level, and gender.  The e-mail field is important and only needs entered once.  This is where the adult making registration will enter an e-mail address to receive a receipt and any communication from the meet director.  You can add multiple athletes during this stage.  After entering all athletes, scroll down and enter coach’s name, school/team name, and a phone number.  Continue to scroll and enter payment info.

Step 4. Click to advance to the confirmation page.  This will allow you to review the charges, but you have not yet registered nor have you paid.

Step 5. You must click “Submit” to finalize registration & payment.

Step 6. If stuck, retry from the beginning or e-mail

School Purchase Order/Check Instructions

If unable to pay online because you are using a school purchase order/check, e-mail to notify him to initiate the process of offline registration.  Please initiate this by October 12th as you will need to follow-up by providing data in a spreadsheet.  That spreadsheet needs completed and returned by October 14th for the $10 on-time registration.  School payments should be brought to the registration table the day of the meet.  The amount billed is the amount of athletes registered, not the number of athletes who attend.

Personal Checks

No personal checks are accepted.  All non-school entries must be paid online.


Late Entries

The online registration site closes at 11:59PM on Monday, October 14th.  All entries beyond that date/time are late entries.  All late entries must be initiated by e-mailing and all late entries must be paid online.  Late entries cost $20.