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CPU Co-ed Track Meet Openings

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CPU is looking to start a co-ed track meet on April 9, 2019. Interested teams should contact Scott Kriegel, Activities Director, at skriegel@cpuschools.org.

October 25th, 2018|

Iowa City West: Two meet opportunities for 2019

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The first one, on the first Saturday in April, would have an emphasis on qualifying for the Drake relays. The format would be to have every team submit times early in the week. We would go through them and pick out the fastest 16 relays & probably 21 individuals based on preliminary entries to be in each event. We would then email out which teams made it into each event/heat. We would then have you resubmit your entries based on the preliminary list. This would ensure that every event would have the fastest and best people in it in an effort to qualify for Drake. We would not keep team scores and we would allow for partial team entries or even one event. It would give both the larger and smaller schools an opportunity to compete against some different and quality competition that they may have never had the opportunity to before, as well as help EVERYONE get a faster time for Drake without the worry of team scores or anything else.

The 2nd meet would be more participatory in nature. We would allow for 5 entries per event with a few exhibition events as well (similar to our past format for our Hollingsworth relays). We would limit the number of teams into this meet to somewhere around 8-12 based on interest and quality of teams. This would be team scored.

If you have interest in either one of these meets, please email huegel.craig@iowacityschools.org AND BCC craig.travis@iowacityschools.org as well.

Lastly, Iowa City West has had a few meets in Cedar Rapids for the past few years, in the latter part of March. These meets are typically smaller meets that focus on participation and just getting some first outdoor meets under our belt and seeing what we have. We are currently looking for a few meets to fill an empty spot. If you have a meet that you would be interested in having Iowa City West join, please let me (craig.travis@iowacityschools.org) know as soon as possible.

June 9th, 2018|