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True Team Scoring

Dick Washburn – Muscatine

True Team Scoring is not a relatively new concept. I first read about this type of scoring in an article written by Scott Christiansen from Stillwater, Minnesota in 1992. I called Scott to get more information and later that summer we where both members of the USAT&F Level II school at BYU. I soon fell in love with this concept of scoring as did my athletes.

I am proud that many invitations in my area, especially in Cedar Rapids, have followed my lead and are now also using this format of scoring. Here is how it works.

All individual competitors and relay teams are scored.
Scores are based on the best Time / Distance and Place to the poorest.
Each team enters two to four competitors per individual event as determined by national, state, or meet participation rules.
Each individual scores teams points based upon the total number of individuals allowed to enter each event, no matter how many individuals actually participate in the event.
Each team enters one relay team, more if allowed by meet management.
Each relay team scores team points based upon the total number of relay teams allowed to enter each event multiplied by four (4), no matter how many relay teams actually participate in the event.
Points are not awarded to places without entries.
[16 possible entries – only 12 competitors – points are earned based upon 16 entries, but the last four places are not scored]

Example of how it looks: [Based upon an Eight Team Invitational]
Team Points Earned
[two entries per team – 8 teams]
100 meter Dash
1st – 16 pts. (team A)
2nd – 15 pts. (team B)
3rd – 14 pts. (team C)
4th – 13 pts.
5th – 12 pts. (team C)
6th – 11 pts. (team A)
7th – 10 pts.
8th – 9 pts. (team B)
9th – 8 pts.
10th – 7 pts.
11th – 6 pts.
12th – 5 pts.
13th – 4 pts.
14th – 3 pts.
15th – 2 pts.
16th – 1 pt.



[one entry per team – 8 teams]  Team Points Earned

4×100 meter Relay

1st – 32 pts. (team A)
2nd – 28 pts. (team C)
3rd – 24 pts.
4th – 20 pts.
5th – 16 pts. (team B)
6th – 12 pts.
7th – 8 pts.
8th – 4 pts.
True Team Scoring from the example Events
100m Dash 4x100m Relay
Team A 16 + 11 = 27 pts. + 32 pts. = 59 total points earned
Team B 15 + 9 = 24 pts. + 16 pts. = 40 total points earned
Team C 14 + 12 = 26 pts. + 28 pts. = 54 total points earned[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]