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Hall of Fame Home

Welcome to the Iowa Association of Track Coaches
and Iowa Association of Track Officials Hall of Fame

The IATC Hall of Fame showcases those outstanding individuals that have given so much to the sports of Track and Field and Cross Country. Recognition here for these outstanding individuals is one way we can thank they for all they have on the track, the field and on the course.
Each year the IATC and the IATO induct new members into the Hall of Fame. These individuals may be coaches who have shown extraordinary achievements in coaching in Iowa high schools, athletes who had outstanding high school and college careers, and beyond, contributors to the sports and outstanding officials.

IATC Hall of Fame Nomination Criteria

On-line Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Hall of Fame Chairman: Mike Jay – Columbus Junction
Hall of Fame Committee Members:
Tony Bussan – Webster City
Bob Davidshofer – Cascade
Bruce Henderson – Atlantic
Al Neppl – Ankeny
John Raffensperger – Iowa City
Tim Thomas – Ames

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Inductee Alphabetical Listing By Last Name:

Larry Almond
[Independence (Official) 2011]
David Anderson
[Renwick & IHSAA 2002/(Official) 2013]
Deb Anderson
[Gilbert 2008 (Official) 2014]
Dennis Anderson
[Bloomfield (Official) 2010]
Lyle D. “Andy” Anderson
[Waterloo 1978]
Mike Augustine
[East Des Moines 1973]
John Ask
[Marion 1977]

Francis “Bab” Babcock
[New Hampton 1985]
Jerry Becker
[Eagle Grove 2001]
Sara Beckord (Swails)
[Rolfe (Athlete) 1991]
Bill Bergan
[Volga City & Iowa State University 1984]
Burl Berry
[Iowa State University 1975]
Harold Birney
[DeWitt 1976]
Walter Block
[Wellsburg 1986]
Bill Bolen
[Montezuma (Official) 2007]
E. G. Booth
[Indianola (Official) 2000 Charter IATO]
Darrell Brand
[Montezuma (Official) 2012]
George Bresnahan
[University of Iowa 2011]
Teresa Breyfogle (Mohwinkle)
[Galva Holstien 2000]
George Bretnall
[Ames 1977]
Gordon Brookhart
[Fairfield (Official) 2001]
Jennifer Brower
(McNutt) [St. Ansgar 1999]
Bob Brown
[Iowa City Regina 2005]
Dave Brown
[Spencer – 1993]
Robert “Buck” Buckley
[Webster Ciy 1986]
Larry Bullock
[Farnhamville 1983]
Chuck Burdick
[Des Moines Register 1984]
Harry Burrell
[Ames 1976]

Brett Carney
[Ames (Athlete) 2010]
Clyde Carney
[Centerville 1980]
Cathy Carroll (Oerter)
[Collins (Athlete) 1990]
Kim Carson
[Des Moines Roosevelt (Athlete) 2003]
Steve Carson
[Red Oak (Athlete) 1987]
Roger Colglazier
[Davenport Central (Athlete) 1980]
Colburn “Cole” Collinge
[Cedar Falls 1974]
Dr. E. Wayne Cooley
[Des Moines 1989]
Phil Coppess
[Oxford Junction (Athlete) 2014]
Hiram “Hi” Covey
[Ames 1972] (Charter Member)
Kay Cox (Hill)
[Bedford (Athlete) 1996]
F.X. Cretzmeyer
[University of Iowa 1977]
Jim Crosman
[Adel (IATO Official) 2004]
Scott Crowell
[Mason City (Athlete) 1995]
Tait Cummins
[Ute 1985]
Cliff Cushman
[Ames (Athlete) 1979]

Wilbur Dalzell
[Dubuque 1972] (Charter Member)
Mike Dardis
[Davenport 1972] (Charter Member)
Robert Charlies “Bob” Davidshofer
[Cascade 1988]
Ron Davis
[Perry (Athlete) 2010]
Jesse Day
[Davenport 1972] (Charter Member)
Ken Dean
[Marshalltown 1973]
Bonnie (DeBoer) Wolterstorff
[Hull, Western Christian (Athlete) 2012]
Jim DeJong
[Sheldon 2001]
Ed Delashmutt
[Fort Madison (Athlete) 2005]
Philip “Phil” Delavan
[Glenwood & ISU (Athlete) 1982]
Dale DeVault
[Beaman-Conrad 1973]
Mike Dick
[Urbandale (IATO Official) 2011]
Cristy Dickerson (Hamblin)
[Indianola (Athlete) 1997]
Art Dickinson
[University of Northern Iowa 1974]
Nanette “Nan” Doak
(Davis) [Coralville (Athlete) 1988]
James “Jim” Duea Sr.
[Ames 1994]
Wally Duffy
[Shenandoah 2003]
Clyde Duncan
[Des Moines (Athlete) 1985]
Jim Duncan
[Drake 1975]
Ira Dunsworth
[Davenport Central 1981, (Official) – 2003]
Tim Dwight
[Iowa City (Athlete) 2010]

Tom Ecker
[Waverly (Athlete) 2004]
Bob Ehrhart
[Drake 1992]
Jim Eicken
[Davenport (Athlete) 2008]
Davis Eidahl
[Pekin 2001]
W.L. “Ole” Eidahl
[Newton 1980]
Vincent Else
[Villisca 1977]
Tom Epperly
[Pella (Official) 2005]
Bruce Erickson
[Traer-North Tama (Athlete) 1990]
Debbie Esser
[Woodbine (Athlete) 1980]
Robin Evans
[Manilla (Athlete) 1989]
Steve Everett
[Britt 1979]

Ken Fearing
[Anamosa 1996]
Harlan Ferguson
[Laurens 1984]
Dave Fetterman
[Tipton 2009]
Allen Dean “Al” Feuerbach
[Preston (Athlete) 1986]
Kent Finanger
[Luther College 1998]
Jack Foresman
[Cleghorn (official) 2002]
A.C. “Chick” Forwald
[Iowa City 1978]

Ray Gaul
[Ogden (Official) 2002]
Travis Geopfert – NEW 2016 Inductee!
[Panora 2016]
John Grace
[Emmestsburg 1981]
John Graves
[Cherokee (Athlete) 1982]
Ray Graves
[Shenandoah 2003]
Kerry Greenwood (Knepper)
[Cascade (Athlete) 1995]
Robert V. Guhin
[Sioux City 1984]

Richard Hall
[Sioux City (Official) 2009]
Steve Halligan

[West Sioux/Hawarden 2007]
Kristin Hansen (Dennis)
[Okoboji (Athlete) 2014]
Wally Hanson

[Eagle Grove 1973]
Rex Harvey
[Dexfield & Iowa State University 1983]
Skip Harsh
[Adel (Official) 2003]
Melanie Heitman
[Williamsburg (Athlete) 1994]
Bruce Hendreson
[Atlantic 2008]
Michael “Mike” Henderson
[IGHSAU 1994]
George Hicks
[Cherokee 1975]
Randy Hinkel – NEW 2016 Inductee!
[Madrid 2016]
Bill Hodam
[Des Moines Hoover 1976]
Harry (Bill) Holsclaw
[Clinton 1987]
Jerry Horton
[Pekin 2012]
Jerome Howe
[Treynor (Athlete) 1988]
Phil Hummel
[Woodbine 1993]

Treye Jackson
[Newton (Athlete) 2013]
Cortney Jacobs
[Atlantic (Athlete) 2014]
Jeff Jacobs

[Clinton (Athlete) 2006]
Ken Janvrin
[Parnora-Linden 2007]
Kip Janvrin
[Parnora-Linden (Athlete) 1993]
John “Jack” Jennett
[Cedar Falls – 1980]
Carl Johannsen
[Burlington 1975]
Mark Johnson
[Mason City (Athlete) 1985]
Richard Juhl
[Dike 1989][Official 2008]

Natasha Kaiser (Brown)
[Des Moines Roosevelt (Athlete) 1992]
Tom Karpan
[West Des Moines 1972] (Charter Member)
Robert D. Karnes
[Drake 1985]
Phil Kauder
[Cascade (Athlete) 2007]
Mike Kautz – NEW 2016 Inductee
[Lone Tree 2016]
Stan Kirchhoff
[Newton (Official) 2013]
George Kjome

[Decorah 1973]
LaVerne Kloster
[Woodbine 1984]
Evan Knapp
[Cherokee (Official) 2007]
William Knoedel
[Iowa City (Athlete) 1991]
Dave Koos
[Harlan (Official) 2005]
Russ Kraai
[Holstein 1974][Official 2000 Charter IATO]
Gerald Kuiper
[Pella (Official) – 2004]

Noland Laird
[IGHSAU 1982]
Les Lammers
[Estherville (Official) 2006]
Doug Lane
[Cedar Rapids Jefferson (Athlete) 2004]
Jane Lange
[Davenport West (Athlete) 2012]
Bud Legg
[Ame/Boone (Service) 2012]
Sydney (Pounds) Leach
[Gilbert (Athlete) 2003]
Robert E. Lee
[Northern University High 1996]
Charles “Chuck” Liston
[Marion (Official) 2012]
Kevin Little
[Ankeny (Athlete) 1995]
Dave Long
[Mason City 2008]
Fran Long
[Fort Dodge (Official) 2014]
John Lowry
[Marion (Official) 2004]
Jim Lyle
[North Des Moines 1973]
Mark Lynn
[Clinton 1972] (Charter Member)

Orville “Orv” Madsen
[Ames (Athlete) 1981]
Bill McClymonds
[Corydon 1981]
LeRoy McCuen
[Corning 2000]
Charles “Mac” McGaffin
[Winterset 1976 (Official) 2000 Charter IATO]
Lary McHone
[Gilbert (Official) 2012]
Gordon McKinstrey
[MOC 1988]
Mark McLarnan
[Sioux City Central 1974]
Floyd Miller
[Urbandale (Official) 2003]
Paullete (Mitchell) Villereal
[CB Abraham Lincoln (Athlete) 2007]
Bill Moore
[Mason City 1972] (Charter Member)
Bob Mudd
[North-Linn 2004]