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2019 IATC Indoor Championships sponsored by FASST

Date: Saturday, March 23, 2019

Site: University of Dubuque

Sanction: This is a sanctioned meet by the IGHSAU and IHSAA.  If your team has already competed in an outdoor meet, this meet will count towards your season meet limitation.  If your team has not already competed outdoors, then this meet does not count towards your season meet limitation.

Entry Deadline: Tuesday, March 19, 2019 by 11:59PM (NO exceptions); Payment can be made at this time, or coaches can wait until the entry list is posted.

Entry Limitations: All events have an entry capacity and entries will be accepted based on performance.  Schedule and field size per event is listed at the bottom of the page.  Individual schools may enter up to three individuals per event and one squad per relay event per gender.

Entry Fees: $20 per individual with a maximum of $200 per gender.  Entries must be paid in full online through vbmeets (formerly aspimeetz) or at the competition site prior to receiving team packet.  There are no refunds to entry fees.  Credit card payment is available when registering online or on-site at packet pickup.  Checks made out to Iowa Association of Track Coaches will also be accepted.  If your school needs an invoice, contact meet manager.

Entry Verification: All entries must either be 2019 indoor marks or be 2018 outdoor StateQualifying or StateMeet marks.  Indoor performances will take precedence in terms of entries.  No 100m or 110HH/100mH will be accepted.  If your athlete doesn’t have an indoor 55m/60m time or if the athlete didn’t run the desired event at the above outdoor meets, then get them to an indoor meet.  If special circumstances exist that limited the athlete from attaining a qualifying mark, then send the entry coordinator an e-mail.  The 2018 State Qualifying Meet results are currently posted on vbmeets/aspimeetz (search for 1A 2A 3A or 4A with a May 11, 2018 date) and the 2018 State Meet results are on both associations websites.

Seeding: For seeding purposes, 2018 outdoor SQM/State Meet marks will be reduced in quality by 6%.  Times will be multiplied by 1.06 and distances will be divided by 1.06.  Example: A 50.0 effort in the 400m will become 53.0 or a 50′ 0″ throw will become 47′ 2″.  Again, get an indoor mark if at all possible.  60m times will also be converted to 55m times using the USTFCCCA conversion factors.  Do not do any of these conversions yourself.  They will be handled by the entry coordinator.

Integrity: Due to the generous deadline, coaches must use integrity in entering their athletes.  Under no circumstances should marks be entered that have not been obtained attained in 2019 indoor competition or the 2018 outdoor meets identified.  Online registration through Aspi will resemble Drake entries in that the date/location a mark was obtained must be entered.  Please only use last years’ outdoor SQM/State marks if your judgment tells you the athlete is on track to return to that fitness level.  Please don’t take away someone else’s spot by entering an outdoor 52sec time for the 400m if your runner is likely to run a 59sec for example.

Scoring: There will potentially be team scoring and a traveling trophy awarded.

Awards: Individuals placing in the top three in each event will be named to the All-Indoor Team and awarded All-Indoor t-shirts on the podium after their events are completed.  Awards Ceremonies will take place between heats throughout the competition.  The IATC will publish the All-Indoor Team the week after the meet.  Awards are sponsored by FASST Track.

Concessions: University of Dubuque will have a concession stand.

Outside Food & Drink: No outside food or drink is permitted in the facility.  No team coolers are allowed.  Water bottles are okay.

Clothing Sales: The IATC will be selling IATC Indoor Championships clothing similar to its middle school statewide meets.

Spectator Admission: At this time, more information is needed on spectator admission fee.

Entry Coordinator and Contact Information

Eric Cogdill
Phone:  515-460-0699 (text only between 7AM-6PM; calls between 6PM-10PM)

Track Location:

The track is located on the University of Dubuque campus.
Chlapaty Recreation and Wellness Center
McCormick St
Dubuque, Iowa  52001


All coaches must use the on-line registration.
On-Line Entries Will Close: Tuesday, March 19, 2019 by 11:59PM (NO exceptions)

Entry Registration Link:

Unattached athletes:

We had questions last year regarding unattached athletes.  Please follow the guidance regarding unattached athletes from the IGHSAU/IAHSAA released in their April 2018 memo.  While this memo was in reference to several late March/early April weather cancellations and impact on Drake qualifying, it aligns with the event sanctions we have to host this meet.  The relevant text follows: “students need to represent their school (they cannot run unattached), and the students must be accompanied by an authorized coach. A parent without a coaching authorization cannot take his/her child to a meet in order for the child to qualify for the Drake Relays.”


Any coach with scratches after midnight Tuesday should get those in as soon as possible.  A preliminary set of entries/performances will be e-mailed through aspi as soon as complete and it will be posted to this site as soon as possible on Wednesday, March 20, 2019.  It will show alternates.  It will also show payment status and original mark with converted mark.  If a coach has any scratches, it will be greatly appreciated to notify the Entry Coordinator via e-mail as soon as possible so that the next available athlete can be invited to compete.

Final heat sheets will be posted by 2:00PM on Thursday, March 21, 2019.

Preliminary Set of Entries: <>

2018 Heat Sheets: HEAT SHEETS – 2018  Note that we have increased some field sizes and changed some offerings from what was planned for 2018, but these heat sheets may give an indication of marks necessary to qualify.

Tentative Schedule and Defined Field Size:

Field Events
11:00am  Boys Long Jump (36 entries, top9 to finals)
11:00am  Girls High Jump (24 entries, opening height 4′ 8″)
11:00am  Girls Shot Put (36 entries, top9 to finals)
1:30pm  Girls Long Jump (36 entries, top9 to finals)
1:30pm  Boys High Jump (24 entries, opening height 5′ 8″)
1:30pm  Boys Shot Put (36 entries, top9 to finals)

Running Events
11:00am  Girls 4x800m Relay (32 teams, 2 sections)
11:30am  Boys 4x800m Relay (32 teams, 2 sections)
12:00pm  Girls 55m Dash Prelims (56 entries, 7 sections, top16 advance to finals)
12:25pm  Boys 55m Dash Prelims (56 entries, 7 sections, top16 advance to finals)
12:50pm  Girls 55m Hurdle Prelims (56 entries, 7 sections, top16 advance to finals)
1:10pm  Boys 55m Hurdle Prelims (56 entries, 7 sections, top16 advance to finals)
1:30pm  Girls 400m Dash Finals (24 entries, 4 sections)
1:50pm  Boys 400m Dash Finals (24 entries, 4 sections)
2:10pm  Girls 1500m Run (40 entries, 3 sections)
2:35pm  Boys 1600m Run (40 entries, 3 sections)
3:00pm  Girls 55m Dash Finals (2 sections)
3:05pm  Boys 55m Dash Finals (2 sections)
3:15pm  Girls 55m Hurdles Finals (2 sections)
3:20pm  Boys 55m Hurdles Finals (2 sections)
3:30pm  Girls 800m Run (40 entries, 4 sections)
4:00pm  Boys 800m Run (40 entries, 4 sections)
4:25pm  Girls 4x200m Relay (20 teams, 4 sections)
4:55pm  Boys 4x200m Relay (20 teams, 4 sections)
5:15pm  Girls 3000m Run (20 entries, 1 section)
5:30pm  Boys 3200m Run (20 entries, 1 section)
5:45pm  Girls 4x400m Relay (24 entries, 4 sections)
6:10pm  Boys 4x400m Relay (24 entries, 4 sections)