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How to Register

  1. Boys registration – go to, click on Officials tab
    1. Under Registration Information, read “How to Become an IHSAA Official”.
    2. Then click on “Online Registration Form for new and Re-registering Officials” and follow directions from there.
      1. Registration fee is $50 for one sport, $12 for each additional sport.  Must be paid before early January (exact date is at bottom of “Officials Registration Important Information” page)
      2. Rules video must be watched; that is made available sometime in February.
      3. Online exam is available from late Feb. – early March each year.  Open book online test (you’ll receive rule books and case study books in mail if you’ve registered and paid the fee) that you need 75% to pass.  You have 3 tries.
  2. Girls registration – go to, click on Officials tab
    1. Read front page here, then (if new official) click on “Official Registration” link on right side.
    2. Then click on “Start Here”, select Track & Field, pay your fee, and follow directions from there.  **You do need to register on both IHSAA & IGHSAU to officiate both boys & girls meets.**
      1. Registration fee is $45 for one sport, $12 for each additional sport.  Must be paid before early January (exact date is given on “IGHSAU Information” page).
      2. If you watched the Rules video already on IHSAA, you don’t need to do it for IGHSAU.  They use the same video. If you’re only doing IGHSAU meets, the video is on IHSAA site.
      3. Same thing for the exam; once you pass it on IHSAA site, that satisfies the requirements for IGHSAU.  If you’re only doing IGHSAU meets, the test is still taken on IHSAA site.

Exams, Rules Meetings, Clinics

  • Online exam – must score 75%.  You get 3 attempts. Call Lewie Curtis (515-432-2011) for help.


  • High school kids are eligible to officiate can work jr. high/middle school (7th/8th grade) and sub-varsity (9th grade/jr. varsity). They are not eligible to work varsity contests. Their cost to register is $20.
  • Full-time college students can officiate as well, and can do varsity sports. Their cost to register is also $20.
  • Officials are required to have a valid IHSAA and/or IGHSAU license to officiate meets.
  • All officials’ licenses expire annually after the state baseball/softball tournaments. They are renewable for one year, beginning June 1 each year.
  • Uniforms – track officials should have a yellow OR orange shirt and hat they wear to each meet. More info about where to purchase those later in the presentation. Otherwise khaki pants and comfortable shoes complete what you should wear, whether indoors or outdoors. There’s also a nylon starter sleeve (orange only) that some officials wear; not sure if that’s required or not.

Equipment Needed

  • Starter pistol.  Look for .209, .22, or .32 caliber size; usually the .209 or .22 are better for indoor meets, .32 for outdoors.
  • Blanks/shells for pistol.  Make sure you get the corresponding size blanks for your pistol!
  • Holster.
  • Hearing protection (foam ear plugs, ear muffs).
  • Gun cleaning kit.
  • Rain gear (recommended).
  • Binder to keep all contracts and printed info in (recommended).
  • Backpack (or something similar) to carry binder and pistol/shells/hearing protection to each meet (recommended).

Once You’re An Official

  • You are strongly encouraged to join the Iowa Association of Track Officials to receive membership form, clinic, uniform, and ammo information and assistance in how to obtain track meet contracts.  Contact Bill Neal, IATO Sec./Treasurer. ( 


Your questions are always welcome.  Just give us a call at 515-432-2011 and ask for Lewie or Laura.  For IGHSAU, call 515-288-9741 and ask for Sherry.