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In response to Covid-19 and its impact on school calendars, the IATC is planning a 7th-12th grade meet on July 11th.  More communication will be coming when details are finalized.

The Mike Henderson MS State Meets have been cancelled for 2020.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Dear Coaches,
We are excited to announce the upcoming State Jr. High Girls & Boys Track & Field Meet.  Contained below is all  information necessary for your athletes to participate.

The meets will be contested at: Ankeny Centennial High School (2220 NW State Street in Ankeny) for Boys and at Northview Middle School (Ankeny Stadium – 1302 N Ankeny Blvd in Ankeny) for Girls with Field events starting at 9:00 am and running events at 10:00am. Please note all events are contested as finals. The first running event will be the 4 X 800m Relay at 10:00am.  Both facilities will be timed with the Finish Lynx Systems (Fully Automatic Timing System) this year.

This is another great opportunity to promote the sport of track & field to 7th & 8th grade athletes!!  Large numbers of participants are expected which would make the conducting of a one day co-ed meet very difficult. We will be using the same entry system as last several years.  There will be no scratch meeting before the meet begins and there will be no on-site and no late entries. THERE WILL BE NO CHANGES ON MEET DAY.   Coaches and parents are encouraged to look at the meet program up on the web Friday morning to be sure that all athletes are registered.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the meet coordinator if you have any questions concerning participating in the meet.

Good luck with your season and we look forward to seeing you and your athletes May 30th 9th,

Eric Cogdill – Boys & Girls Meet Coordinator

2021 Heat Sheets: <will be posted here>

2019 Girls Heat Sheets 

2019 Boys Heat Sheets 



  • Admission will be $7.00 for adults and $5.00 for students.
  • Programs will be available for $3.00 while supplies last.
  • Team tents will be allowed in the grassy areas outside the stadium.
  • Out of respect for the hosts who provide 100+ volunteers and whose only revenue source for undertaking such a large event is concession sales, please kindly refrain from bringing coolers into the stadium.  This is the same policy used at the Drake Relays and the Iowa High School State Meet

GIRLS Eric Cogdill
Cell(515) 460-0699

For fastest response, use text.


BOYS Eric Cogdill
Cell(515) 460-0699

For fastest response, use text.



General Meet & Participation Instructions

  • Event Participation & Limitations:
  • A complete schedule of events will be contested in 7th & 8th grade divisions.
  • The order of events for middle school remains unchanged this year.  It continues to be: 4 x 800m – Shuttle Hurdle – 100m dash – 1600m (2-2-4-8) Medley – 400m dash – 4 x 200m – 1500m/1600m – 100m Hurdles – 200m dash – 800m (1-1-2-4) Medley – 200m Hurdles – 800m – 4 x 100m – 4 x 400m
  • High Jump opening heights are: 7th girls (4′ 0″), 8th girls (4′ 4″), 7th boys (4′ 6″), 8th boys (4′ 8″)
  • All-Star relays or combined teams from different Jr. Highs are strictly prohibited. Simple rule of thumb is that if your teams had separate seasons during the school year, then they should remain separate now.
  • Each athlete must compete for the school they attend.
  • 7th graders may run with eight graders from the same school for relays, but must run in the eighth grade division. That 7th grade athlete may should complete in 7th grade individual events.
  • Junior high rules for events and limitations will be observed.  Each competitor may participate in a total of four events of which no more than 3 can be running.
  • This meet does not count toward season meet limitations.
  • Each school may enter a maximum of two entries in all events (including relays) and up to four entries allowed for the 4 x 100 meter relay.  Any attempt to compete more than two entries in any other event will cause disqualification of ALL entries in that event and ALL times or distances will be erased from the data base for that school.
  • Schools with 2 relays earning top 6 place medals will be allowed to keep the medal, but the team points will be shuffled down to the next school.


  • Sportsmanship:
  • It is the clear obligation of contestants and coaches in all interscholastic competitions to practice the highest principles of sportsmanship and ethics of competition. The governing organization shall have authority to penalize any contestant or coach in violation of this obligation including possible disqualification of an athlete.
  • The IGHSAU and IHSAA high school Track and Field rules will be followed. Medical alert medals should be taped to the body.  Watches may be worn and must be Non-GPS types.  If a parent is bringing their child for individual events or a small group that could include relays, it would help ease the process of officiating the meet if they would be allowed to borrow the school issued uniform.


  • Attention Coaches:  Keeping safety in mind, athletes will not be allowed to begin warming up for field events until the event official is on hand to direct traffic. Please do not allow your athletes to start their warm-up until the official is on site. We will have the official in place 30 minutes prior to the event start. For the safety of others, once the event starts warm-up throws are not allowed outside of the official landing sector.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

  • If this event is cancelled for reasons beyond the control of the IATC, there are no refunds of entry fees.
  • In the event of inclement weather, there is no scheduled make-up date.

Event Entry Procedures

  • On-line Entries Only.
  • Every school will create their own user name and password.  This user name and password can used year after year, if you don’t remember last year’s password just make a new one.  When you enter your Team Name, you must include if you are in the Large Division (which is 4A or 3A) and Grade (7th or 8th) or Small Division (which is 2A or 1A) and Grade (7th or 8th).  If you have a question about what classification you are in consult the online IAHSAA Classification. We will follow the High School Classification for the high school the Junior High Athlete will attend in the future. This information is required in your entry procedure.


  • Make sure you are on the correct entry site for classification and gender.  See links at bottom of page.
  • Initially fill in the “Sign Up” on the left side of the screen. Future visits to the website to update your entries, use the “Log In” on the right side of the screen.
  • Always remember to save any new updated information by clicking the “Save Without Declaring” button.
  • Team name should include: Team name and grade number, such as, Woodbine small, abbreviation: WdbS, Marshalltown large, MltL.
  • Make sure you delete the athletes who are not competing.
  • Use the “Save Without Declaring” button up to the point until you have all entry information completed. You must “Declare” your entry by the Closing Date of Monday, May 3, 2021 at 11:59 pm. As has been the policy of recent years, the closing date is much closer to the event to allow for adequate lineup preparation and weekend availability of your athletes. And, again, there are no late entries and no day of the meet entries.
  • You are required to enter the names of the relay athletes. You will do this from a drop down menu on the relay page. Each athlete must be included in your initial team roster to have their names included in the list on the drop down menu.
  • Seed times/performances should be included for all events. Please use performances that the athletes have achieved and not what you think they can achieve. This will help make sure that all heats are seeded as fairly and as accurately as possible.  All entries without performances will be assigned to slower sections after all others have been seeded. Please follow the recommended formats for entering seed performances as indicated by the examples listed on the right hand side of each seed entry box.
  • Red boxes around seed performances indicates a bad format that needs to be fixed.
  • Please do not be intimidated by this process.  The really nice thing about this system is that coaches have complete control of their entries up to the final declaration date.  If you have problems do not hesitate to e-mail the Meet Coordinator.
  • There will be no scratch meeting at the site.  You can make new entries, change entries, update seed performances or scratch athletes/events until the final declaration date. Entries will be automatically seeded in appropriate flights, heats and sections once entry fees are received.  NO CHANGES ON THE DAY OF THE MEET.
  • You are encouraged to look at the meet program up on the web Friday morning to be sure that all athletes are registered.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions concerning participating in the meet.  Contact Eric Cogdill.
  • The cost of competing is $10.00 per participant.  Each participant can do up to 4 total events, only 3 of which can be running events.
  • It is best to complete the payment online.  After finalizing your entries in vbmeets (formerly aspimeetz), you must click on the “Declare” button.  It will ask if you are sure and after selecting yes it locks your entries and takes you to a payment page.  You can pay then or return later where a “Pay Now” link appears on your entry page.  Be sure to use “IA” instead of “Iowa” when entering credit card info.
  • Payment must be made online or received via US postal service by the Due Date (Monday, May 3rd) or your athletes will be seeded as “no time”.  Checks must be made out to IATC or Iowa Association of Track Coaches and sent to mailing address: Eric Cogdill — IATC MS State Meet Coordinator — 512 NE 47th St — Ankeny, IA  50021
  • If your school needs an invoice for check writing, please ask and one will be created for you.
  1. The entry page will open Friday, March 6, 2021 at 12:01 am.
  2. Final Declaration will be Monday, May 3, 2021 at 11:59 pm.
  3. Entry Fees are Due Monday, May 3, 2021.
  4. ENTRIES will only be accepted on-line at:
  5. 7th & 8th Grade Girls Small School Entries: <Enter 1a/2a girls here>
    7th & 8th Grade Girls Large School Entries: <Enter 3a/4a girls here>
    Note: There are still separate divisions for 7th & 8th within the unified links above. They were merged to assist schools from getting double-billed when they run a 7th grader up on an 8th grade relay. 
    7th Grade Boys (Small & Large) School Entries
    : <Enter 7th grade boys here>
    8th Grade Boys Small School Entries: <Enter 8th grade 1a/2a boys here>
    8th Grade Boys Large School Entries: <Enter 8th grade 3a/4a boys here>
  6. Any problems, e-mail Eric Cogdill at